All of our sea salt and seaweed is hand-harvested from Guernsey waters and produced on-island.

Subscribe & Stay Salty!

Get a 3 month subscription of your favourite infusion.

Do you find yourself reordering, or sometimes forgetting to reorder, your favourite Étaï sea salt infusion? Well, you can subscribe and stay salty (and save) with our three month subscription. All you have to do is choose which infusion(s) you want to show up in the post each month and we will do the rest!

Psst…the bags are also recycleable!

Refill Bags

Top up those jars!

Not ready to commit to the subscription but still need a top up of your Étaï sea salt infusion, grab yourself one of refill bags so that you can keep that jar full of flavour.

Psst…the bags are recycleable!

Say it with salt

The perfect gift for the foodie in your life!

Our wooden paddle holds four of our salt jars sits beautifully on a dinner table or in the kitchen, and the gift boxes allow you to mix and match the infusions you give.