Say it with Salt!

Are you looking for a unique wedding favour or perhaps a branded corporate gift for an event, your clients or as a thank you to your staff?

Well, our beautiful jars of sea salt are just what you’re looking for.


Our dinky jars are perfect for a tiny taste of sea salt, our dinky glass jars with a cork look beautiful as a wedding favour. They can be edible sea salts or bath salts if you prefer, speaking of why not gift a jar of bath salts to your bridesmaids ahead of the big day?


All of our products can be customised with your company’s branding making for a unique and delicious gift.

We can even discuss making a custom flavour specifically for your business.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, so, everything about our Étaï gifts can be personalised, from the message on the labels, the colour of ribbon, the size of the jars and even the salt itself!

If you’d like to chat through how we can help you or discuss some ideas, just drop us a line.