We’re passionate about supporting other small local businesses whether they produce food, drink, crafts, or in this case flowers!

Flowers have that magical way of bringing back memories, brightening up a space, and bringing happiness. Whether or not you’re an avid gardener there is sure to be a bloom that has a special place in your heart.

Seeing as it’s Great British Flower week we thought what better time to share the Jamblin Flower Farm’s story, so we spoke to its curators the lovely, fantastically creative Dee and her talented craftsman husband Jacques.

The Jamblin Flower Farm supports the British Slow Flower Movement which is all about sustainable growing. This beautiful farm provides islanders with seasonal blooms, grown not flown, on our wonderful Island home.

How did the Jamblin Flower Farm come about? 

For as long as we’ve owned our house, we’ve planted a wildflower patch in the garden for pollinators. The patch is purely for wildlife and it has only ever been cut from once, this is where it all began… 

A wedding and a friend in need. Sunflowers being their flower of choice  

The day before the wedding, there were concerns that they would not have enough blooms to decorate the church, enter our wildflower patch! 

In all honesty, we hadn’t even noticed our friends had taken up our offer of cutting their own sunflowers from our garden until the next day when we attended their reception.

There they were, our sunflowers, proudly decorating the church and looking every bit as impressive and beautiful as they did in our patch. 

That was it, we had seen the magic, the seed (pardon the pun) was well and truly sown.

What’s been your biggest lesson to date? 

Starting a flower farm when your first baby is due bang on the start of the cutting season probably isn’t wise! That being said, we’re big fans of striking when the iron is hot, and it really was hot!


Highlight, greatest achievement so far?

So far surviving the above, it’s lovely to think our new baby and new venture will grow together ️ That and managing to propagate everything on the farm in a tiny 6ft square greenhouse! Maximising tiny spaces and achieving the seemingly impossible has become a speciality.


What is your favourite flower and why?

Honestly, we don’t know! Every morning we see a new flower in bloom and it becomes the new favourite, it is all very exciting. Dahlias are topping the leaderboard for us at the mo for their feracious power of colour and form


Any tips for those hoping to brighten their garden? 

Our top tip would be not to be afraid, easier said than done, but fear will only hinder your efforts. 

We would also encourage anyone to grow from seed if possible, not only do you get twice the satisfaction (at least!) you can also rest safe in the knowledge that your plants have not been sprayed with any pesticides in the growing process.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

What’s spare time? We run Jamblin Farm as our sideline, so our spare time is spent with the flowers.

*Ah we’re in the same boat there too, only ours is spent with salt!
What do you love most about Guernsey?

We love the presence of community, particularly the small business community, it’s a wonderful supporting environment. 

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t also big fans of our milder climate too, which allows us a slightly extended growing period compared to our UK counterparts.

If you would like to order a beautiful bunch of grown not flown blooms for a friend, loved one or as a treat to yourself, head to their social media pages (which we’ve linked below.)

Also, if you’re a bride who’d love to keep your wedding bouquet speak to Dee as she can dry the flowers so that they last forever, such a beautiful idea and keepsake from your magical day.

Oh, and in true Guernsey style, they have the most delightful hedge veg stall where you can pick up a Jamblin Jar of blooms or even some eggs from their chickens.