A Breath of Sea Air

Étaï Organic sea salt, Guernsey’s first and only sea salt brand, hand-harvested from the beautiful island’s coastline.

Set off the northern coast of France, the beautiful isle of Guernsey and its surrounding islands boast stunning scenery, a fantastic food scene, and a laidback lifestyle.

Inspired by our love of the sea, the great local produce, and our rich history, we set out to revive the salt scene in Guernsey. Plus, what better accompaniment to our island delicacies than locally sourced, harvested, and infused sea salt.

Taking inspiration from the crystal clear waters of Belvoir in Herm to the rustic cliffscape of Sark and the stunning seascape of Alderney to the wondrous west coast waves of Guernsey; we have created a range of sea salt infusions to tickle your taste buds.

Sea Salts & Sea Greens

All of our sea salt and seaweed is hand-harvested from Guernsey waters and produced on-island.

Whether you’re looking for something to flavour your fish, season your steak or salt your sweets we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your taste.

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our sea salt and so to ensure it’s quality from shore to salt shaker each unique salt flake is collected, filtered and infused by our own hand. 

You won’t find any nasties, such as anti-caking agents in any of our sea salt, so if you find that your sea salt is slightly clustered just give the jar or bag a little shake or stir to break it up.

Our Salty Tale

Étaï started how most good ideas start and that’s over a glass of wine! It was then as we were salting our chips that we started to think why hasn’t Guernsey, an island which is obviously surrounded by the sea, got it’s own sea salt?

A couple of glasses later we’d decided on a name, sketched out a logo design on a scrap bit of paper, which we still have, and made plans for experimentation in evaporation.

After a couple of test runs later we settled on what is our current process and so, Étaï was born!

We’re proud to be a local artisan producer and the first Guernsey sea salt brand.

And, while the idea may have started over a glass of wine it’s a serious business that’s been curated around the notion that there is more to salt and that life is too short for bland food which is why we’ve created our delicious infusions.

How It’s Made

It’s simple, we use fresh sea water from the a few select spots that have great water quality around the beautiful islands of Guernsey, Herm, and Sark.

The sea water is triple filtered, before being evaporated slowly over a period of a couple of days and, that is when the magic happens.

When it comes to the infusions we’re sure to only use the best produce trying to source local where possible. As with everything, we hand blend our infusion mixes which are then added to the freshly made sea salt crystals, time is of the essence as we need the flavours to be absorbed.

Lastly, the sea salt is then dried before we jar it up and label it ready for it to head off to take pride of place in someone’s kitchen where it can add a little flavour to their life.


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